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Tool: Channelling Tool

Channelling Tool

A range of chisels can be described as channelling tools, that is tools designed for the carving of narrow channels. These are similar in form to narrow flat chisels or roundels, with a cutting edge of 0.5-1 cm and a shaft 15-25 cm long. The distinctive feature of most of these tools, when viewed from above, is the narrowness of their shaft immediately above the cutting edge. This allows the tool to be inserted into deep crevices and hollows. In profile the shaft thickens at this point so that the structurally strength of the chisel is not compromised. This distinctive shape explains why this tool is often described as a ‘fish tail’ chisel in Britain. This tool is used in the Roman period primarily for carving deep drapery in much the same places as the drill might also be used.

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Alternate Names

Le Bédane
Le Bec d'âne


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