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Tool: Rasp


The rasp is a double-ended tool, ranging in length between 12-40 cm, comprising a shaft in the middle and two flattened ends which are covered with sharp points. The ends can be squared, rounded or pointed, flat or curved. The density of points varies between rasps depending on the fineness of the finish sought. The rasp is rubbed across the surface and is used for smoothing after the flat chisel or roundel and the range of shapes of the ends allows it to be a flexible tool for moving across and around complex forms. It can also be used for fine shaping on certain details. It is mainly used by marble carvers since it would have little effect on granite while scrapers are easier to use for smoothing softer stones. The marks left by the rasp consist of fine scratches crisscrossing the surface of stone and often overlapping.

Marks Made

Alternate Names

La Raspa
La Râpe
Die Raspel


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