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Monuments: Ostia: Material from the Fossa Traiana, Portus

In excavations in the 19th and 20th centuries a large number of marble blocks were found in the channel running alongside the major harbour at Portus, just north of Ostia. This channel, the so-called Fossa Traiana, seems to have been a loading point for these materials which were imported in substantial quantities into Portus in the 2nd and first half of the 3rd century AD destined ultimately for Rome. More

In general these blocks are roughly squared or sometimes shaped into column shafts and other architectural elements. Many of them are inscribed indicating that there were being channelled through the imperial system for the supply of decorative stones. These blocks might constitute the remnants of a large stockpile of imported marbles but since many are damaged they could also just be rejects or leftovers which were waiting to be used up. These blocks are now on display at Ostia, where they have been grouped by material.

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Marble (Visual identification)  
ad 70 - ad 400 



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