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Museum Professionals

The website was designed to encourage serendipitous exploration of the data but there are routes that particular user groups might wish to take. For those working in museums, there might be a variety of strands of potential interest. The research aspects will appeal to those who already have significant interests in the subject area. For this the Advanced Search facility enables you to create complex queries, as described on the instructions for Researchers & Students.

For those less familiar with production processes, the website will help to formalize knowledge around a particular approach to surviving stone objects, especially the identification of marks and their association with working practices. To make the most out of your explorations of the site, we suggest you have a look through the information for All Visitors.

The data contained within this web resource and our approach might stimulate the generation of new metadata on production in connection with collections of stone sculpture or other objects from any period. We are willing to offer advice in this area if desired, simply get in touch with us.

In addition there are various elements of the website that can be used as teaching resources whether in public engagement activities or more academic pursuits. This includes the Essays and Videos as well as the Workspace where you can curate your own collections, display and share them. We have discussed the resource with museum professionals during its making and are very interested in the different ways you might use it so please do send us your feedback.