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Contact and Credits

If you are interested in learning more about any aspect of the resource, you may contact members of the team or contributors to the project via the links below.

Project Team
Principal Investigator (Classics): Will Wootton
Co-Investigator (DDH): John Bradley
Research Associate (Classics): Ben Russell
Research Associate (DDH): Michele Pasin
Interaction and Initial User Interface Design (DDH): David Little
Front End Programming (DDH): Brian Maher
Research Assistant (Classics, DDH): Emma Libonati 

Peter Rockwell

Advisory Board
Amanda Claridge, Professor of Roman Archaeology, Royal Holloway London
Henrik Mouritsen, Professor of Roman History, King’s College London
Peter Stewart, Lecturer in Classical Art and Archaeology, Oxford University
Simon Tanner, King's Digital Consultancy Services, King’s College London 

Specialist Services
Scanning: Laura Primangeli, LC Service
Evaluation: Rachel Russell, HelloWilson
Filming: Thomas Wootton
Carving Workshops: Andy Tanser and Paul Jakeman

Research Project Grant from The Leverhulme Trust (2011-13)

Host Instituion
King's College London, Departments of Classics and of Digital Humanities

The image server uses the Kakadu JPEG2000 library under license