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Monuments: Orvieto Cathedral

The large cathedral (duomo) at Orvieto was built over three centuries between 1290 and 1591, though alterations continued to be made to it up to the 20th century. The cathedral's facade made use of substantial quantities of white marble stripped from Roman buildings in Rome and Ostia. More

The cathedral is included as a case study in this database because close analysis of the bas reliefs decorating its facade provides an insight into how the supply of material and the carving of large-scale reliefs worked in practice, even though this building is not ancient. The artists responsible for these reliefs are not known but they seem to date to the 14th and 15th centuries and were probably laid out under the direction of Lorenzo Maitani, the Sienese architect and sculptor responsible for work from 1309.

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ad 1290 - ad 1591 




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