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Towards a conceptual model of the sculpture domain #2

Posted by: Will Wootton 12 years, 8 months ago

After a few weeks of work we have done a reiteration of the conceptual map of the main entitieswe are dealing with which was created a few weeks ago.

The good news is that it looked as if we got it quite right on the first round; we didn't really feel like adding or removing anything from the map. On the other hand, we started adding also some relations (= links, arcs) among the concepts (=bubbles) previously identified, so to characterize their meaning a bit more..

I had a go at adding some relations first, and here's the result:

I should specify that I have no knowledge whatsoever of the domain of sculpture, so the stuff I added to the map came out entirely from the (little) research I've been doing on the subject, (on and off) during the last weeks.

At the same time, also Will and Ben worked independently at the task of fleshing out the mind map with more relations. Needeless to say, what they came up with is way more dense and intricate than what I could have ever imagined!

This is probably not surprising, as one would expect to see some difference between a non-expert's representation of a subject domain and another one which is instead created by experts. Still, it was interesting to see it happening with my own eyes!

I guess that the next step will be trying to reduce the (natural) complexity of the portion of the world we are representing to a more manageable size.. and start building the database based on that.. stay tuned for more!