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Making and Conservation Playlists on the Getty Museum YouTube Channel, August 2013

Posted by: Will Wootton 10 years, 10 months ago

On a recent visit to Los Angeles with the Art of Rome's Provinces Seminar (supported by the Getty Foundation), I enjoyed discussing artists and art production with one of the curators at the Getty Villa, Ken Lapatin. During this, we talked about the Getty Museum's YouTube Channel which has playlists devoted to the making of art and also their conservation projects. This is a fantastic resource, their films covering the following crafts: bronze casting, mosaic (Byzantine materials and making), pottery (making Greek Vases and a Moulded Athenian Vase), glass (Core-FormedFree-BlownMould-BlownMosaicCameo) and silversmithing (Sculpting in WaxMaking MouldsCastingHammering).

All of these are fascinating but there are some whose concerns fit particular well with the Art of Making project and our own videos:

Carving Marble with Traditional Tools (uploaded in 2010), Making a Spanish Polychrome Sculpture (uploaded in 2009), The Art of Gem Carving (uploaded in 2009)


Tracing the Colours of Ancient Sculpture (uploaded in 2012), Conservation of a Stone Statue of Marcus Aurelius from the Pergamon Museum, Berlin (uploaded in 2012)