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Art of Making at 'Rome in Bloomsbury', February 2012

Posted by: Will Wootton 10 years, 3 months ago

We very much enjoyed presenting our recent work as part of the 'Rome in Bloomsbury' seminar series. We were not able to show any major results, the project has only been running for 7 months, but we did discuss our aims and objectives as well as the scholarly context of the project (from Carl Bl?mel to our current work with Peter Rockwell, via Sheila Adam, Alison Burford, Donald Strong, Amanda Claridge, Jean-Claude Bessac, Roger Ling and Peter Stewart). In addition we previewed our data collection methods and the data entry environment which is being used to capture the different types of evidence for working practices.

A review of the seminar written by a Birkbeck PhD student, Pari White, is available here.


A sample slide showing the basic relationships between marks, tools and the processes with which they are associated. These are given in a sequential order.