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25.02.12 Digital Humanities Symposium - Virtualisation and Heritage

Posted by: Will Wootton 10 years, 2 months ago

This Saturday (25 February 2012) we'll be presenting the most recent work done with the Art of Making project at the Digital Humanities Symposium in York.

In general, the symposium deals with how digital technologies are effecting on the field of cultural heritage preservation.

We will be presenting a poster-paper that outlines the main objectives of the project and focuses on the issues concerning the formal representation of the sculpture domain. In particular, we're hoping to gather useful feedback with relation to the transformation of our database model into a RDF vocabulary (aka a formal ontology). By using these technologies, we will make it much easier for others to reuse our project results, and for us to link to other Linked Data resources. So if you have something to say about that, please get in touch!

Here's the official description of the symposium:

As access to high-end computer equipment increases researchers are able to produce increasingly sophisticated computer models to aid their research in cultural heritage. Computer virtualisations and auralisations are now commonplace throughout the heritage sector, and widespread, high speed Internet access allows for quick dissemination across the world.

This event seeks to bring together researchers and practitioners in the digital humanities who focus on different aspects of heritage. We are interested in paper presentations, posters and workshop proposals. The topics may include, but are not limited to:

Acoustic modelling of heritage sites
Virtual modelling of heritage sites
Data capture
Dissemination and cultural heritage
Virtual modelling for public display
Virtual modelling for research
Technical developments and applications
Media archiving and digital restoration
Ethics of heritage preservation and reconstruction