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21.05.12 Art of Making at ASMOSIA X, Rome

Posted by: Will Wootton 12 years ago

We are pleased to inform you that our paper entitled "Presenting and Interpreting the Processes of Stone Carving: the Art Of Making in Antiquity" has been accepted for ASMOSIA X, the 10th International Conference of the?Association for the Study of Marble & Other Stones in Antiquity.

The conference is being organised by the Dipartimento di Scienze dell?Antichit? of?the Sapienza -?Universit? di Roma.?Our paper is scheduled for 1645 on Monday 21st May. For more information you can visit the conference's?website or download?the preliminary programme.


Detail from the East Pier of the North Facade, Arch of Constantine showing drill marks in the hair and beard as well as the occasional use of a channelling tool.

The themes of the conference include:


    • Applications to Specific Archaeological Questions ? Use of Marble.


    • Provenance Identification I: (Marble).


    • Provenance Identification II: (Other Stones).


    • Advances in Provenance Techniques, Methodologies and Databases.


    • Quarries and Geology: (Quarrying Techniques, Organization, Transport of Stones, New Quarries, Stone Carving and Dressing, Hazards to and Preservation of Quarries).


    • Stone Properties, Weathering Effects and Restoration, as related to diagnosis problems, matching of stone fragments and authenticity.


    • Pigments and Paintings on Marble.


    • Special Theme Session: orders, repertories and meaning of marble within the public and the domestic circle.


We look forward to seeing you there.