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The website was designed to encourage serendipitous exploration of the data but there are routes that particular user groups might wish to take through it. Some of the data might be of particular interest to artists wanting to know about, or undertake research into, the historic practice of stone carving and it's relationship to the contemporary craft. The website offers the opportunity to explore tools and processes over a wide geographic area and long period of time, even though the focus is ultimately the Roman period. For a general overview of the website, have a look at the information for All Visitors but for more specific suggestions for researching the  content go to the page for Researchers & Students.

These different approaches to stone are contextualized by the text and visual content on the Essays and Videos page . The latter includes videos showing interviews with Peter Rockwell talking about, among other things, elements of his practice and training in the United States of America and Italy as well as the production of one of his carvings. In addition, Andy Tanser, trained in the United Kingdom, demonstrates his own particular approaches to tools use and the creation of an Ionic capital. All of these materials can be used, collected and shared via the Workspace. We have collaborated with artists during the making of this resource and are very interested in the different ways you might use it so please send us your feedback.